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Jason gave me a Flip camera for my birthday, but gave it to me a few weeks ago to cheer me up while all of the Perotti stuff was going on. The day of her memorial service, I brought home a bunch of mini-camcorder tapes from the 99-02 ish era. I've been uploading videos of my graduation party for a few days now. My Mom-Mom and Pop-Pop are both on these. And Perotti, dancing to Bugman. She's the little tiny thing with dark hair. My Aunt Roni and Aunt Lori's mom, Grandma Fyrster is on these. Tommy Hopkins, a really good friend of my parents' is in the beginning of the Antarctica video and then dances through almost the whole thing. He passed away a few years ago. At one point in the I Have Nothing Video, I'm furious that my dad's filming me instead of the band, and my Mom-Mom comes over to say goodbye to me, and when she's walking away, she poses at the camera. We wouldn't have that if my Dad had just been filming the band. I still remember almost every word of almost every one of these songs, and I haven't listened to them in probably almost 10 years. When I was a senior, I did career study with my 8th grade English teacher, who was teaching 9th grade and writing/directing plays. He was the drummer of this band and for a LONG long time was like a big brother to me. The band hasn't been together since probably 2003-2004. I know they played a North Wales Day that's documented somewhere in this journal, so they were still together in at least the summer of 2001, but not sure after that part.

I can't express how bittersweet some of these are, and how thankful I am to have the opportunity to have them digitally recorded before either the tapes crumble or the technology to play them is obsolete...

This song used to be my absolute FAVORITE... I had the biggest crush on the bass player, so of course every song I could, I made about him in my head. LOL

I'll put the rest behind a cut... )

I'm still in the process of taping songs, and there are at least 6-7 more on my computer uploading now and tonight, including my mom singing 2 songs with the band :)


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