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The Rules )

My Wishlist:

1. Recipes. Especially healthier and/or low sodium, but any difficulty/gourmet level... I love trying new things and Jason tends to try new things more if I cook them than if I say "Let's go try an Indian place!"

2. Crafty ideas that can be finished rather quickly. Not in like an hour, but I had a WHOLE Halloween plan that got half finished in a couple days and then never actually done in the following month before Halloween. I love being crafty. I just never remember to do it

3. Clean out your closet/dresser/bureau/attic/tub under your bed and donate your clothes that don't fit/aren't your style anymore and are just taking up space. Your life will feel less cluttered, your heart will feel full, and you'll be helping others. (Also, if this motivates you, donation of clothes in good condition are tax-deductible if you itemize your returns).

4. Muppet nailpolishes. I am so in love with the new Muppet Movie and it has renewed my love of The Muppets in general and makes me forget about the terrible mistakes in the past few decades. Nailpolishes of them?!?!? YES!

5. A date. With you. I'm very, very collapsed into my own little world anymore. To the point where I feel safe when I feel safe and I feel borderline panic outside of that tiny world. I need to go out. With people other than Jason. I need to do things. To remember that new things are fun. To feel like coming home is a good feeling, but not just because everything else is so scary. If that date involves seeing The Muppets again, that much better.

6. Do something nice for someone. Take care of a gift on someone else's list. Maybe even a stranger's Amazon wishlist. Give a street musician some change. Compliment someone on something you know means something to them. Go to a local artisan's shop and really REALLY look at their life's work, and tell them honestly how impressed you are. Something real. Something from the heart. Pay it Forward, but in a real, sincere way. Not because you expect it to come back to you, but because you want their life to have a ray of sunshine. Although, it will make you feel pretty good, too.

7. Music that moves you. Not that is fun to dance to, or that you like for some reason you can't describe, but something that REALLY moves you. Whether to tears, or to joy, or to giggle.

8. Recommendations for ways to heal. Mentally, emotionally, physically... I feel like I need so much in my life, and the fertility stuff is obviously a big part of feeling incomplete, but having a baby won't fix it all. Yoga poses... Natural/Homeopathic remedies/practices/practitioners... Lifestyle changes. I'm not gonna promise I'll follow any or all of them, but I'm at a point where I feel like I need to be open to changes. I'm currently on hiatus from acupuncture for a variety of reasons, but not opposed to going back when it really feels right.

9. Things you want to know/hear from me. I want to be here more. I want to share. I want to interact. I just don't feel it anymore. I feel the need and desire for LJ time, I just don't feel like typing anything, or like anything I have to say is important to anyone except myself. And even to myself, I sound... boring and pretentious.

10. And of course... anything on my Amazon wishlist

If you don't have my address, and would like it (for any reason... wishlist... Christmas cards... etc), you can email me at lessthanthree 13 at gmail dot com.
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Sometimes we all need a little reminder of our own good. Share some here.

I absolutely love this website.
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Jason gave me a Flip camera for my birthday, but gave it to me a few weeks ago to cheer me up while all of the Perotti stuff was going on. The day of her memorial service, I brought home a bunch of mini-camcorder tapes from the 99-02 ish era. I've been uploading videos of my graduation party for a few days now. My Mom-Mom and Pop-Pop are both on these. And Perotti, dancing to Bugman. She's the little tiny thing with dark hair. My Aunt Roni and Aunt Lori's mom, Grandma Fyrster is on these. Tommy Hopkins, a really good friend of my parents' is in the beginning of the Antarctica video and then dances through almost the whole thing. He passed away a few years ago. At one point in the I Have Nothing Video, I'm furious that my dad's filming me instead of the band, and my Mom-Mom comes over to say goodbye to me, and when she's walking away, she poses at the camera. We wouldn't have that if my Dad had just been filming the band. I still remember almost every word of almost every one of these songs, and I haven't listened to them in probably almost 10 years. When I was a senior, I did career study with my 8th grade English teacher, who was teaching 9th grade and writing/directing plays. He was the drummer of this band and for a LONG long time was like a big brother to me. The band hasn't been together since probably 2003-2004. I know they played a North Wales Day that's documented somewhere in this journal, so they were still together in at least the summer of 2001, but not sure after that part.

I can't express how bittersweet some of these are, and how thankful I am to have the opportunity to have them digitally recorded before either the tapes crumble or the technology to play them is obsolete...

This song used to be my absolute FAVORITE... I had the biggest crush on the bass player, so of course every song I could, I made about him in my head. LOL

I'll put the rest behind a cut... )

I'm still in the process of taping songs, and there are at least 6-7 more on my computer uploading now and tonight, including my mom singing 2 songs with the band :)
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I know there aren't many people around these parts anymore, but I like this one, and figured it was worth a shot...


Tell me anything you want me to know - about me, about us, about you, about your mom, whatever you like.

Anonymous comments are enabled, and everything is screened. Tell me something you want to tell me, anonymously or not. If you say you want me to unscreen, I will, happily. Keep in mind I can't reply without unscreening your comment.

Then do the same, and I will tell you something!


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